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What is your Comfort Food?

Tonight was a cold, rainy November evening when all that was on my mind was comfort….comfortable clothes, comfortable blankets…and most importantly comfort foods.

My personal comfort foods hold a special place in my heart as it helps tell the story about how I got into cooking.  My love affair with food stems from way back when I was a child on days just like today.  The memories always go back to the woman who got me into cooking in the first place, my late Grandma Beverly Buckner.  She was one special lady and let me tell you this woman knew her way around a kitchen.  She knew her grandchildren well too – how else could you convince a child that cooking is fun?

Well she somehow did that.  On cold days/nights like this, I was sometimes lucky enough to get to go to Grandmas house and we would put on our most comfortable clothes, watch our favorite TV shows and movies and, of course, fix a huge meal that includes the items that are now my comfort foods.  Grandma and I would make Fried Chicken in an Iron Skillet, Chicken Noodles, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Green Beans, with Buttered Rolls w/ Jelly.  This is a memory that will live with me forever….Grandma and I cooking our favorite comfort foods together in her kitchen.  And to this day, on cold rainy days like today, I think of my Grandma Buckner and the great memories and times we shared in her kitchen.

Do you have some favorite Comfort Foods?  If so, share the story!