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Steak house

So I have been to all of Indy’s best steakhouses, and I love them all! Morton’s, Eddie Merlot’s, Peterson’s, Ocean Prime, Ruth’s Chris, Flemings, Eagles Nest, Columbia Club, Harry & Izzy’s, Shula’s, St Elmo’s, to name many others. What is your favorite?


The Reverse Sear

When cooking a really high end steak, us “foodies” usually sear our Angus Filets or Angus Ribeyes.  I recently learned a new technique from a very good mentor of mine.  It is called the “Reverse Sear.”  The idea behind it is to marinade or dry rub your favorite cut of beef (My favorite is an entire beef tenderloin.)  Instead of searing from the start like we all have forever, try cooking in a preheated oven or grill @ 200 or so until internal temp is 120-125 degrees (use your meat thermometer).  Once you reach this temp, pull off and let sit and crank up the temp.  If you are finishing in your oven, kick the oven to broil and move the grate up as high as it will go.  Once oven is at max temp, “sear” it on both sides under the broiler for a very short time.  You can use the same method on an infra-red grill!  The thought behind it is you will get a much more consistent rare, med-rare, medium cut of beef from edge to center!  Good luck and share your thoughts.  Serve with your favorite side and salad!  (Pics to come)

John Buckner