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How my tastes have changed over the years…..

On Friday, one of my oldest and best friends Troy Loyd and I went to lunch together as we do from time to time, and we got on the discussion of  how our tastes have changed so much since our younger days.  When we were growing up when we had zero choice in our diet, it was chicken nuggets, PB&J, french fries, hot dogs, fruit snacks, fruit, and when forced…..some vegetables.  Then in high school and college when we had some choice into what we ate, it seemed like the decision was either taco bell or pizza.  Now as we sat in a Mediteranean Restaurant, we were sitting in front of some really powerful tasting foods.  Olives, Feta Cheese, Hummus, Baba Ganouj, Pita Breads, Shish Kafta and Gyros with Tahini were sitting in front of us.  We laughed as we discussed how there was zero percent chance that we would have touched this stuff in our younger days.  Guess some things do get better with age!  Have your tastes changed over the years?


Road Trip Food


If I’m in for a car ride that will last more than four hours, I get a sudden craving for … COMBOS. Yes, this deliciously bad cheese filled pretzel treat is my junk food weakness.

What is yours? 

Where is the best BBQ located?

My favorite food is BBQ.  This is no secret to my friends and family.  I love everything about it.  Combining fire, Meat and Spices has proven to be my kryptonite.  I love making it at home, but my favorite thing is eating at different restaurants in different regions of the United States to see all the different ways it can be prepared.  I have had wet BBQ, dry BBQ, sweet BBQ, spicy BBQ and all varieties in between.  It seems like BBQ is served one of two ways.  It is usually served either wet or dry and served with either Vinegar based or Tomato based BBQ sauce.  I enjoy both wet and dry in different ways and enjoy both Vinegar and Tomato based sauces.  It just depends on my mood.  (I told you I love it all!)  One thing I do know for sure is that I love trying all the different kinds of BBQ and I love going to new BBQ places wherever I am traveling to.

Some of my favorite BBQ staples are BBQ Brisket, Pulled Pork, Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Sausage.  Wherever I go I like to try a combo platter of all the Meats, with BBQ beans, Fries, and Slaw to compliment.

From my travels, I have been fortunate enough to have sampled the best BBQ from Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas.

As a central Indiana guy, my favorite local places are are GT Souths Rib House in Indianapolis and Big Hoffas BBQ in Westfield.  My favorite BBQ from the road I must say was from Arkansas and Texas.  I tried several spots in both states and they were all fabulous.  They definitely know how to do it right down South!

Do you have a favorite type of BBQ?  or Favorite BBQ restaurant?  If so, please share.  I want to try them all!  Please share your favorite dishes as well!

Pizza King

When I think of great memories as an adolescent growing up, a lot of those great memories involve Pizza King Pizza.  Whether it was going for breadsticks after a high school basketball game, eating Pizza after a big high school or college baseball win, ordering in on a Friday night with my wonderful family, or having a BBQ pizza delivered on a Saturday night with my friends.  Pizza King was always the staple for the best Pizza around.  I have eaten alot of pizza, from a lot of places, and Pizza King still ranks at the top of the list.

After college, I moved to Fishers, IN where unfortunately Pizza King is not available.  Well last night, I really was craving my favorite Pizza, so I decided to test my salesman skills.  It turns out that I still have it.  Well, actually it just turns out that I dont mind giving a guy a huge tip to deliver my favorite Pizza way out of their delivery area!

My favorite Pizza from Pizza King is the Royal Feast.  It has Pepperoni, Sausage, Red and Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and extra cheese.  I get half BBQ Sauce, and half Pizza Sauce, then of course….extra cheese!  Along with this, you must also order their homemade Ranch dip, and Cheese dip for dipping your crust into.

In addition to their fantastic Pizza, they also offer pastas, salads, subs, calzones, and the best breadsticks you will ever eat.  If you ever get the chance to eat at this great establishment, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.  It is the best!