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One Cooks Hidden Obsession – Unveiled…

Well, Johnny is the best cook I know.  I am a simple food person, I could happily subside on baked chicken and white rice for the rest of my life – but not because I don’t LIKE good food, I just don’t have a lot of (ok, I don’t have ANY) food creativity.

So each morning, when Johnny sends me the “What should we have for dinner?”  email – I always provide some variation on chicken and white rice (either that or I say “Um, I don’t know, ham sandwiches?”).

Well, as his blogging grows, I felt that I should share with the world his one true love – Hot Box Pizza.  Sure, he loves to take simple pantry ingredients and mix it up into a fabulous concoction – but his heart belongs with Hot Box Pizza.  I believe his current HBP “poison” is the thin crust option topped with sausage, pepperoni, green peppers and a whole lotta other random stuff (ME? I would order extra cheese and call it a day).

To prove my point, I would like to provide photographic evidence.  With each “Big 10” order, they send drinks.  I just was grabbing a regular glass from the cabinet, and counted 20 Hot Box Pizza cups (this does not count what is in the dishwasher, his car, his office…).

Orange, green, purple, blue - we have cups in every color...

My favorite part? When his latest order arrived, he said: “Oh yellow cups, they have a new color for us to collect…”

Sarah, happily married to ReadyToDine


Pizza King

When I think of great memories as an adolescent growing up, a lot of those great memories involve Pizza King Pizza.  Whether it was going for breadsticks after a high school basketball game, eating Pizza after a big high school or college baseball win, ordering in on a Friday night with my wonderful family, or having a BBQ pizza delivered on a Saturday night with my friends.  Pizza King was always the staple for the best Pizza around.  I have eaten alot of pizza, from a lot of places, and Pizza King still ranks at the top of the list.

After college, I moved to Fishers, IN where unfortunately Pizza King is not available.  Well last night, I really was craving my favorite Pizza, so I decided to test my salesman skills.  It turns out that I still have it.  Well, actually it just turns out that I dont mind giving a guy a huge tip to deliver my favorite Pizza way out of their delivery area!

My favorite Pizza from Pizza King is the Royal Feast.  It has Pepperoni, Sausage, Red and Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and extra cheese.  I get half BBQ Sauce, and half Pizza Sauce, then of course….extra cheese!  Along with this, you must also order their homemade Ranch dip, and Cheese dip for dipping your crust into.

In addition to their fantastic Pizza, they also offer pastas, salads, subs, calzones, and the best breadsticks you will ever eat.  If you ever get the chance to eat at this great establishment, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.  It is the best!