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Chicken/Sausage/Vegetable Gumbo Soup

Last night Sarah and I were wanting something delicious and fresh for dinner.  After taking inventory of what we had at our disposal, I noticed we had an abundance of vegetables, a rotisserie chicken, and some leftover sausage from Pizza Party night on Saturday.  After checking the pantry, I noticed we also had a couple of huge cans of chicken broth as well.

I started this recipe taking the meat off of the rotisserie chicken.  In a large soup pot, I added all chicken broth, chicken, leftover sausage, diced zuchini, mushrooms, green and red pepper, carrots, and some frozen peas and corn.  I turned this pot on medium high until boiling, then turned down to let it simmer on medium low for an hour or so.  After tasting, I added some salt, pepper, and cajun seasoning.  This really turned up the flavor several notches.  About 20 minutes or so before you are ready to eat, add some white rice to this and continue to simmer.  The rice will thicken the soup up and give it more of a gumbo feel to it.

This recipe turned out great.  It was the perfect supper for a nice cool fall evening.  If you want a healthy, fresh, and filling soup, I strongly recommend this recipe.