Kids Food Favorites

If I can say one thing about my cooking, I would say that it is full of flavor.  Sometimes great flavor, sometimes not so great flavor, but flavor nonetheless.  I am constantly looking for new and inventive ways to create tastes in each dish I prepare.  I like to use strong flavors like garlic, salts, peppers, ginger, dry and fresh herbs, chipotles, jalapenos, soy sauce, different oils, etc etc.  This style of cooking is great for myself and my wife, but not very good for my little boy Christopher.  Whenever I try and feed him some things that I have prepared that taste really good, he will put them in his mouth for a few seconds and decide to spit them out.  If it were up to him, he would eat nothing but turkey dogs, chicken nuggets, string cheese, and fruit.  These are wonderful foods, but I am sure he will soon be bored with these options.  I am looking for some great food ideas for my son that he will like.  Please share some suggestions that your little friends enjoy!


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  1. Posted by Bill O'Connor on January 14, 2011 at 1:29 am

    One of the foods that I learned to enjoy from both yourself and Christopher was using hummus as a pretzel dip. I think that it’s neat that that seems to be a special food that both of you share.


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