One Cooks Hidden Obsession – Unveiled…

Well, Johnny is the best cook I know.  I am a simple food person, I could happily subside on baked chicken and white rice for the rest of my life – but not because I don’t LIKE good food, I just don’t have a lot of (ok, I don’t have ANY) food creativity.

So each morning, when Johnny sends me the “What should we have for dinner?”  email – I always provide some variation on chicken and white rice (either that or I say “Um, I don’t know, ham sandwiches?”).

Well, as his blogging grows, I felt that I should share with the world his one true love – Hot Box Pizza.  Sure, he loves to take simple pantry ingredients and mix it up into a fabulous concoction – but his heart belongs with Hot Box Pizza.  I believe his current HBP “poison” is the thin crust option topped with sausage, pepperoni, green peppers and a whole lotta other random stuff (ME? I would order extra cheese and call it a day).

To prove my point, I would like to provide photographic evidence.  With each “Big 10” order, they send drinks.  I just was grabbing a regular glass from the cabinet, and counted 20 Hot Box Pizza cups (this does not count what is in the dishwasher, his car, his office…).

Orange, green, purple, blue - we have cups in every color...

My favorite part? When his latest order arrived, he said: “Oh yellow cups, they have a new color for us to collect…”

Sarah, happily married to ReadyToDine


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