Breakfast Burritos w/ Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

This evening I was craving something different, so I decided to make something I have not made in a very long time.  I decided to make Breakfast Burritos. I dove right in and this is what I came up with……….


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts


Can of Rotel Tomatos

Mozzerellas Cheese

Sauteed Veggies (Optional)

Roasted Pine Nut Hummus

Favorite Hot Sauce

Tortillas (Mission Tortillas are my favorite)

First I diced up chicken breast to bite sized pieces, and began to saute Chicken in a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Salt and pepper chicken for extra flavor.  It is important to flavor every step to maximize the flavor of your finished product.  In a seperate bowl, wisk together your eggs, and cook on medium low temperature in a skillet on the stove.  (Cooking scrambled eggs as low as possible is a great way to keep eggs soft and fluffy).  Once Chicken and Eggs are finished cooking pull to the side and you are ready to assemble.

First take your tortilla and evenly spread your Hummus over the entire Tortilla.  Then add scrambled Eggs, Mozzerella Cheese, Chicken, Sauted Veggies if you like, then finish off with more Mozzerella Cheese and Rotel Tomatos.  Add a few dabs of your favorite Hot Sauce in there too to add a nice kick.  These Breakfast Burritos really were a pleasant surprise if you are up for trying something out of the ordinary!  Enjoy


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