Must Have Ingredients

I believe that one very big key to being a good home chef is making the best of what you have.  In other words, being able to throw whatever you have in the fridge in a pan and making it taste good.  I call these my skillet sensations!  I feel that this is one of my strongest areas when it comes to cooking. 

Special Items in the fridge such as nice cuts of meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables will always change, but if you have the following staples, you can definitely create a great meal any night of the week.  In my twenty plus years of cooking, this is the list that I have assembled of “must have” items.


Soy Sauce

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian Dressing


Chicken Broth




Shredded Cheese

Meat (Turkey/Ham/Hamburger/Beef/Chicken/Fish, Pork)

Frozen vegetables (Peas/Brocoli/Corn)



Do you have any “must have” items that you cant live without in your kitchen?  If so, please share in the comment section!  I need to know if I need to add them to my list!


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  1. Posted by Brian Buckner on September 8, 2010 at 7:43 pm

    Hot Sauce and crushed red pepper


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