Perfect Grilled Chicken

It is a Thursday night tradition that my brothers and I get together to eat some of our favorite foods or try new recipes.  Well, tonight I am going with an old standby.  Grilled Chicken on the BBQ.  There are some keys to having perfect chicken on the grill though.   For really good chicken, I think a wet marinade is a must.  One of my favorite chicken marinades consists of melted butter, garlic, olive oil, and soy sauce.  This combination creates a savory treat that all are sure to enjoy.   Once you place your chicken on the grill, season with cracked pepper and salt.  Cook the chicken on a medium high temp (skin down) for a few minutes until the skin starts to brown.  Turn the grill down to medium or medium low for the rest of the cook time.  Now for the most important part……..Create a dipping sauce for your chicken.  The dipping sauce should consist of beer or water, worchestire sauce, soy sauce, and some sort of dark soda.  This soda is the sugary ingredient needed to give the chicken that dark BBQ look that we all strive for.  Every time you flip, make sure and dip the chicken in the sugary dipping sauce.  Do this step often.  It keeps the meat moist and I promise it will be some of the most flavorful chicken you have ever eaten!  Enjoy!

Depending on thickness of the chicken you are cooking, cooking time will vary.  30-45 minutes should get the job done.


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  1. Posted by Melissa Branigan on October 5, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Yes, I have had the Buckner BBQ and I can truly say that John Buckner is a GRILLING MASTER!!! This BBQ chicken is awesome!!!


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